Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes, Tahitian Grapefruit Splash (75 Count)


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 Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Wipes combines the trusted cleaning and disinfection power of Clorox with the refreshing scent of Tahitian Grapefruit Splash to transform your entire home. Clorox Scentiva scents are well-crafted, curated, inviting blends that will elevate your cleaning experience. These cleaning wipes are bleach-free and multi-purpose and power through tough grease and grime with ease. Use these disinfecting wipes for garbage cans, kitchen countertops, sinks, bathroom surfaces, appliances, and car interiors. Utilize these multi-surface wipes to cut down on your necessary cleaning supplies and quickly wipe away an array of messes. Safe to use on most surfaces and around pet areas, Clorox? Scentiva? Disinfecting Wipes eliminate 99.9% of germs while filling your home with uplifting, long-lasting scents.
  • ELEVATED SCENT: Clean and disinfect and enjoy the captivating, long-lasting scent of Tahitian Grapefruit Splash with this bleach-free, all-in-one cleaning wipe,
  • NO BLEACH DISINFECTING: Disinfect with a powerful antibacterial wipe that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and remove common allergens around your home,
  • ALL PURPOSE WIPE: Clorox? Scentiva? cleaning wipes' clear drying formula breaks down grease, soap scum, and grime so you can tackle any surface,
  • MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER: Germs and messes occur on more than kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces - safely wipe down toys, remotes, or clean up car spills with these sanitizing wipes,
  • DISPOSABLE WIPES: This 75 count canister of disposable, antibacterial wipes feature a Tahitian Grapefruit Splash scent to inspire the senses by Scentiva (do not flush wipes),
  • GREAT FOR COMMERCIAL USE: Ideal for use in offices, schools, daycare centers, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial facilities.
  • Ingredients:

    Ingredients: n-Alkyl (C14, 60%; C16, 30%; C12, 5%; C18, 5%) Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride 0.145% n-Alkyl (C12, 68%; C14, 32%) Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride 0.184% OTHER INGREDIENTS: 99.632%