Clorox GBG AloeGel Instant Hand Sanitizer, 4 oz Bottle

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Clorox GBG Aloe Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer, 4 oz Bottle

  • Instant hand sanitizer designed exclusively for the healthcare environment to kill 99.9% of bacteria's that commonly contaminate hands to help control the spread of infection.

  • When no soap and water is available for hand washing, apply and instantly kill pathogenic microorganisms with rapid antimicrobial action with no sticky residue.

  • Aloe Vera-infused formula with vitamin E and emollients known for conditioning and moisturizing.

  • Contains 64% alcohol to meet CDC recommendations for decontamination of viable microorganisms on healthcare hands and it is made free of sulfates, phthalates, and petrolatum.

  • Effectively help stop the spread of bacteria and soothe the skin, while keeping patients, staff and visitors safeguarded with an array of hand hygiene solutions offered through Clorox Healthcare.

  • Intended for use in healthcare facilities.